Tagine Zeetoun

Which Arab on this planet does not love olives? Oh the wonders it can do for your hair, skin and stomach. With olive trees growing left, right and centre in North Africa, […]

Rose-Halva Cashew Dreamcake

Iftar is done; now what’s for dessert? That’s the question I find myself asking every bl…blessed night! There’s nothing quite like satisfying your cravings after a tough day’s fast during Ramadan. If […]

Lost in Pemberley

Tomorrow marks the 197th anniversary of the death of literary giant, Jane Austen. At Sajjeling, we are morbidly into commemorating the deaths of artists and activists who have touched our lives and […]

Persuaded by Austen

I have a confession. It’s rather big and shocking. I’d prefer it if you didn’t judge me, but I’ll understand if you do. I’m a Jane Austen fan… And I have never […]