Category: Ramadan Cookbook

Moroccan Harira

In Morocco, Harira is a must to break the fast of Ramadan. It is generally served with a piece of wedged lemon and dates. It can also be served as a hearty […]

Iraqi Beryani

Beryani is a very famous and popular dish in Iraq. The majority of Iraqis prefer to make it all the time and on certain occasions like Ramadan and on Eids. It is […]

Tagine Zeetoun

Which Arab on this planet does not love olives? Oh the wonders it can do for your hair, skin and stomach. With olive trees growing left, right and centre in North Africa, […]

Rose-Halva Cashew Dreamcake

Iftar is done; now what’s for dessert? That’s the question I find myself asking every bl…blessed night! There’s nothing quite like satisfying your cravings after a tough day’s fast during Ramadan. If […]

Syrian Shakriya

Shakriya is a traditional Syrian dish that can be served all year round and is a staple in many households. Syria is known for its warm yoghurt dishes and shakriya is a […]