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Mehal Krayem

Mehal is a PhD survivor, freelance writer and status-quo-disruptor by day and froyo connoisseur by night. Her research interests lie in pop culture, religion and gender. When she's not reminding students why the social sciences are a totally legitimate field that ought to be taken very seriously, she's drowning her postgrad woes in mafroukeh or chocolate...quite often both. Mehal knows it's only a matter of time before Nadine Labaki writes a feature film inspired by her brilliance...if only she'd reconsider the restraining order. Mehal is an editor at Sajjeling. Her thoughts on life, love and all things philosophical and cultural can be found at or you can follow her on twitter @mehalkrayem

Halal love – in Beirut

Having already screened at three film festivals in Sydney this year and premiering on television tonight on the World Movies channel, Beirut-set satire Halal Love (And Sex) is making waves internationally. Mehal […]

Lost in Pemberley

Tomorrow marks the 197th anniversary of the death of literary giant, Jane Austen. At Sajjeling, we are morbidly into commemorating the deaths of artists and activists who have touched our lives and […]

Qatayef bi Jebneh

Qatayef by Abbad Diraniya

Ramadan is a very exciting time of year and, at Sajjeling, it’s where our food section runs hot. To kick off our Ramadan recipes for the month, I’m going to share a […]