Category: Ramadan Cookbook

Algerian Chorba

In Algeria, it is an absolute must to break your fast with this fool-proof starter. It is a tomato soup with shredded chicken and lamb, with bourghoul added for texture. You can […]

The book of Porridge

This Ramadan, I’m all over porridge for suhoor, the pre-dawn meal that Muslims eat before fasting. Porridge is filling enough to get you through the day, simple enough to whip up when […]

Msakhan Rolls

Msakhan is a traditional Palestinian dish usually made by stacking several breads on top of each other, each layer topped with onion and sumac, and served with chicken pieces on the side. […]

Qatayef bi Jebneh

Qatayef by Abbad Diraniya

Ramadan is a very exciting time of year and, at Sajjeling, it’s where our food section runs hot. To kick off our Ramadan recipes for the month, I’m going to share a […]