In Conversation with Omar Offendum: Part III

As promised, we give you the final installation of our three-part series: In Conversation with Omar Offendum.

The supremely talented, Syrian-American rapper, Omar Offendum, hit Sydney’s shores earlier this month, and one lucky Sajjeler, local spoken word artist Sara Saleh, caught up with him for a chat about all things hip hop, identity, culture, and language.

In this interview, Sara asks Omar about whether he sees art as resistance, and what POC artists can do in spheres where they are still relatively underrepresented.

Big thanks go to Omar’s sponsors, the Department of Arabic Language and Cultures, Religion, State & Society Network and the US Studies Centre – University of Sydney, for making this interview possible.

Enjoy, share and let us know your thoughts.

You can watch Part I and Part 2 of the interview here.

Categories: Art, Music

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