Hunter: a video artwork

Hunter brings moving images and textual narrative into conjunction. The content and theme of the soundtrack and catalog text were developed in response to the film. This set up enabled one work to imply and produce others, and that in turn altered the film’s space of reception and thematic focus.

The collaboration was built out of implications drawn from the film, through its veiled subjects, setting, framing, editing, grain, temporality, chromatic intensity and ambiance. Adapting a tale by philosopher and poet Rumi to form the soundtrack led to a textual meditation on the motif of the `language of the birds’, enabling an exchange between the human and the angelic.

As a result, aesthetic, semantic and ethical registers were brought into productive alignment, leading to the build up of an emergent sense that eclipsed the work’s component parts.

By Mireille Astore

Mireille is an artist, a writer and a poet. She has published, exhibited and performed her works in Australia, Europe, the Middle East and the Americas. She has a PhD in Contemporary Arts from the University of Western Sydney and is Adjunct Lecturer at Sydney College of the Arts, the Visual Arts Faculty of the University of Sydney.[]

Categories: Art

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