Extras required for web series


Extras are required for a party scene in I LUV U BUT.

I LUV U BUT is a 10 episode web series, and season two is currently in production. The producers are looking for guys, girls, and everything in between to join a house party scene. The scene will be shot in Punchbowl, Sydney, on December 20, Friday, from 10am to 7pm.

“We are looking for people of all colours, shapes, sizes and ages. Colourblind casting is very important to us. You will need to do it for the love and experience, and bring your own wardrobe. You will be fed like royalty”.

You can watch series one online here.

For more information contact Fatima Mawas on 0404 661 804 or


Sam and Mouna are married for convenience. They are both gay but can never come out to their parents and they can’t live at home anymore. They are living a lie but they are living it up! They are ‘out’ to one another, ‘out’ to their closest friends, but still in the closet when it comes to their parents, their siblings and their extended family – the big Leb community. Secret lives filled with love and despair. Why would anyone live like that? For a Visa – No! These couples are all Australian by birth, but Lebanese for life. This is about culture, family, and honour.

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