Trading platform - Exness broker review

In 2008, there was an opportunity to get to know the Exness review broker better. He works in Russia and has an office in St. Petersburg. It is noteworthy that the broker maintains a transparent policy and full information is displayed during transactions. The main mission is to promote market innovation.

Trading platform

For trading, the broker actively uses social networks. Many consider it to be old school, and believe that traders can develop here. The second point is attracting a large number of professionals. They create their own accounts and just choose the platform.

The broker, for its part, makes it possible to follow the process from a mobile device. Whether at work or in transport, it is easy to check assets and move to a new strategy to minimize risks. It is considered valuable that there is support for different systems; the broker has a large number of partners.

Accounts to choose from

Clients are different and it would be foolish not to let them choose accounts. In terms of basic tools, everyone chooses Cent. In this trading account, the minimum deposit is $ 1. With these tools, you can plunge into the trading environment and try to make a small deal.

It makes sense to open a trading account for expanding trading opportunities. Here the level of the minimum deposit increases to $ 10. A trading account is often chosen simply, but often then they switch to the classics. The minimum deposit is $ 5,000 and a person gets a full set of tools for this. Above is only the UST account, which assumes the protection of one's own interests. When conflicts arise, the broker intervenes in the process and does everything possible to defend the position of the trader.

About commission and spreads

Exness broker can be classified as one of those brokers that do not charge a commission for the transaction. Adding a spread is a good tactic for the platform. But don't know that the percentage will be gigantic. If you look at the statistics, the broker has the lowest rate in the industry.

Naturally, if we consider the UST account, then the percentage there is minimal. As for the withdrawal and replenishment of funds, bank cards are open on different platforms. Also, do not forget about electronic wallets, which are always at hand.

Withdrawals for all traders can be automatic. Processing the request takes a minimum of time and this option has been available since 2009, so there have been no complaints. The second point is compliance with market standards. The broker is trying to maintain its own image and is working on it.